About ME


Rejuvenate Mind, Body & Soul

I opened my massage business in 2017 after years of study and practice. I am passionate about complimentary therapy and its benefits on the Mind, Body & Soul. As a regular customer of complimentary therapies, I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly and created a practice that is clinical in its foundation but with the SPA experience.

My qualifications and case study portfolio has developed my skills and helped my clients with the following;

- Pre op prep

- Post op therapy

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Increase relaxation

- Increase circulation

- Increase mobilisation

- Ease symptoms from fibromyalgia

- Increase confidence

- Ease feelings of isolation

- Eased agoraphobia

- Increase wellbeing

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I work evenings and weekends only from my therapy room at home as well as mobile visits.

I also gift vouchers for any occasion. Nothing better than a massage as a gift. Click the button below.

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