50% discount on all therapies to 1st time customers

Aster Mindful Massage Therapist in Glasgow


About Me

not your ordinary therapist

an electrician since 1997, a lecturer and training manager. I'm a therapist with life experience.

different from the rest

Trained at the prestigious Western School, you can be assured my human anatomy knowledge, massage skills and aftercare advice is far superior to the high street.

why choose me?

I'm passionate about reducing stress, anxiety, depression and their associated illnesses. I understand life's ups and downs and not only deal with your body but mind and soul too.

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My Services

I offer a wide range of massage techniques and tend to use various methods during a session dependent on what I find. Therefore I charge by duration of massage as opposed to technique. 

Massage Therapies

- Swedish

- Deep Tissue

- Pregnancy

- Hot Stone

- Warm Bamboo

- Myofascial Release 

- Dry Cupping

My Prices

30 minutes = £25

45 minutes = £30

60 minutes = £35

90 minutes = £55

I also offer home visits for a small additional fee for travel. So long as you have space for a massage bed, I'm there!

Upcoming Events

Body & Soul Fayre 2019

come find me at the Royal Concert Hall on the 18th & 19th of May showcasing my massage techniques and selling some lovely goodies.

Client testimonials

"Brilliant massage yesterday from Lynsey. Felt so much better and she made me feel at ease and relaxed. Great service and I can't wait for my next one. Sarah x"

"I never had a massage before and didn't even know if I'd be able to tolerate it due to issues with anxiety and people in my personal space. Lynsey was really nice and put me at ease. Although I'm a work in progress, Lynsey was great and I will be booking another. I would definitely recommend her."

Current Deals

- 50% discount on all massage sessions to 1st time customers.

- Block bookings of massage £180 for 6 or £380 for 12.

What's new

I have started selling a few things from my therapy room to keep the effects of your recent massage going as long as possible.

- aromatherapy bath oils

- environmentally friendly shampoo bars

- aromatherapy candles

- face masks

- lip balms

- various roll ons

- body brushes

- trigger balls

- Kannaway CBD oil 


Do you offer 'Tantric' or Sexual Services? No! I offer massage to relieve tired, sore or injured muscles. I am also passionate about stress management and treating people with anxiety and depression.

Do you massage men? Yes! I massage both male and females and children (with parental consent and supervision)

I'm insecure about taking my clothes off. Don't take this the wrong way, but I am not interested in your flabby or dangly bits. I just want to relieve you of pain, stress or anxiety. I want you to relax, enjoy and float out of the door feeling fab! Your dignity is my priority and I'm a magician with towels and blankets to make you feel invisible. 

Do you suggest regular massage? Hell yes! Keep the pain or tension away for good rather than only booking a session when you can't cope anymore.....please consider my poor hands having to sort you out every 6 months when you could be enjoying a monthly massage knowing your body is being nurtured and maintained.

Contact Me

Drop me a line!

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Better yet, see me in person!

I know some people are anxious to know what goes on in a therapy room. Come along and have a look and a chat about what I offer.

Aster Mindful Massage

2 Aster Drive, Glasgow, Glasgow, G45 0EP, United Kingdom


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18:00 – 21:00

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