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Aster Mindful Massage
Therapist & Meditation Teacher



Aster Mindful Massage
Therapist & Meditation Teacher


About Aster Mindful Massage

Owner, therapist and teacher of Aster Mindful Massage

Lynsey - Owner, Therapist & Teacher

I'm a Training Manager by day and therapist and meditation teacher evenings and weekends. I am concerned that life is going too fast and everyone needs to learn to appreciate the simple things again, such as nature, family, wellbeing and just relaxing. 

I have built a client base of people with sports injuries to people so anxious and stressed that they cannot leave their home. I offer a highly professional service of thorough consultation, highly skilled massage and excellent aftercare service. 

I offer mediation classes or 1 2 1 sessions to teach you the wonders of daily practice and how it reduces stress and anxiety and brings your attention to the here and now.

I also offer a couple of beauty therapies - Facials, Body Contouring Wraps and Eyebrow/Lash treatments. I love having these done as part of my well being programme and want to offer them to you.

Aster Therapy Room

Not your Usual High Street Spa

I operate from a fully refurbished garage at home where total relaxation and escapism is at the forefront of my business. Need a shower before a therapy? No problem, my therapy room is fully equipped with everything you would expect from a high street spa except I include the time to really let go. All you have to do is relax and enjoy! I have an amazing booking system that allows you to complete the medical consultation form in the comfort of your own home thus having longer on the massage table.

Some plants and aster flowers in the therapy room

Why Choose Me?

I have been trained at one of the most prestigious massage schools in Scotland with my Diploma accredited by Glasgow Caledonian University. My anatomy and physiology knowledge and aftercare advice cannot be beaten and  I am continually developing my skills and knowledge to ensure my clients experience the best therapies and my prices are unbeatable for the experience you will receive. 

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My Services

I offer a wide range of massage therapies and beauty treatments from my refurbished garage as well as home visits for a small additional charge for travel.

Massage Therapies

- Swedish

- Deep Tissue

- Pregnancy

- Hot Stone

- Warm Bamboo

- Myofascial Release 

- Dry Cupping

Wellbeing Therapies

- Meditation classes or 1 2 1 sessions

Beauty Therapies

- Body Countouring Wraps

- Eyebrow/lash - wax and tint

- Facials

- CBD Facials

Client testimonials

"Brilliant massage yesterday from Lynsey. Felt so much better and she made me feel at ease and relaxed. Great service and I can't wait for my next one. Sarah x"

"I never had a massage before and didn't even know if I'd be able to tolerate it due to issues with anxiety and people in my personal space. Lynsey was really nice and put me at ease. Although I'm a work in progress, Lynsey was great and I will be booking another. I would definitely recommend her."

Current Deals

I have invested in a brand new booking app and it's amazing! To book appointments, go to the top of this page and easily book your therapy for a date and time that suits and all I ask is for a small deposit to secure your booking.

Does someone special in your life deserve a treat? Click the gift vouchers button below and choose any treatment and any theme you want. Easy!

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What's new

I am now a fully qualified meditation teacher! I have been practicing for over 15 years after experiencing a rough year or so with stress, anxiety and depression. It has truly changed me for the better and I would love to share the practice with you. 

Complete the contact page at the bottom if you require more information.


Do you offer 'Tantric' or Sexual Services? No! I offer massage to relieve tired, sore or injured muscles. I am also passionate about stress management and treating people with anxiety and depression.

Do you massage men? Yes! I massage both male and females and children (with parental consent and supervision)

I'm insecure about taking my clothes off. Don't take this the wrong way, but I am not interested in your flabby or dangly bits. I just want to relieve you of pain, stress or anxiety. I want you to relax, enjoy and float out of the door feeling fab! Your dignity is my priority and I'm a magician with towels and blankets to make you feel invisible. 

Do you suggest regular massage? Hell yes! Keep the pain or tension away for good rather than only booking a session when you can't cope anymore.....please consider my poor hands having to sort you out every 6 months when you could be enjoying a monthly massage knowing your body is being nurtured and maintained.

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Better yet, see me in person!

I know some people are anxious to know what goes on in a therapy room. Come along and have a look and a chat about what I offer.

Aster Mindful Massage

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